In love with LangBiang wild yeast

 Without an appointment, I went to the village of the Lach at the foot of LangBiang Mountain (Lac Duong, Lam Dong) on the moonlight of last ten days of the month.

  • Ancient tea-making machine ranked the oldest machine in Indochina

     Arriving in Cầu Đất, tourists not only drop themselves into the vast and romantic space of the tea fields which are green all the year round, but also visit the tea-making ..
  • Attached to the flower valley

     In the South Central Highlands, during March and spring days, when spring has died, and summer is about to come. Leaving the city of Dalat flower, we came to Duc Trong district ..

     I have got eighteen years attached to the cold country before leaving it behind me. I wandered the prosperous South and North cities. Walking along Pleiku night streets, ..
  • Love on the Pet Dog Farm

     Located on an open hillside in the outskirts of Da Lat City, the pet dog farm of the couple Le Minh Tri and Le Bao Tram looks like a garden for children full of colors and ..
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