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Pathfinder – Where to gather travel enthusiasts

 Not too busy, but nearly a year ago, the house at address 35A - Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Da Lat city is the place where students - tour guides meet on every Tuesday to share travel experiences. Regardless of age, Pathfinder Club - Da Lat Guide is the place to gather a travelling passion for those who are like-minded.

"Pathfinder - Da Lat guide" was founded by Mr. Le Kim Phuc in 2018 is really an indispensable destination for those who are passionate about tourist guides in recent years. Preparing a tour itinerary, service planning, travel and interpretation routes, guest care, situations to handle and so on are the contents that Pathfinder club members exchange with each other so that their experiences in working as a tour guide is increasingly effective. Each member of the club has different experiences about tourism activities but they all aim to accumulate, share experiences to improve the quality of service, travel guides day by day. Mr. Le Kim Phuc - Clubhouse owner of Da Lat Pathfinder said: As a lover of Da Lat, I am very concerned about the current big loss of the tourism industry: human resources for tourism are weak and moderate. My company has just been established for 1 year but I want to adopt this club's way of making a small contribution to the overall situation. It is important to gather and share experiences for people with similar interests and mission. I have no big ambition except to share the experiences and skills acquired through my social activities. As a member of the Vietnam Tour Guide Club, I have the chances of getting my target to exchange with others and hope to give them more motivation. There are many difficulties but I hope this playground will be on track ...”

Da Lat Guide Club has about 20 members, of which about 10 are trainees or colleges and universities students in the area. There is a free self - brewing coffee bar, books and newspapers to read and it is special that there are people who have been active for a long time in the tourism industry, instructing and disseminating experiences for you to learn and practice ... Ms. Vo Thi Kim Loan - The club manager told us more about the specific activities here: Members come here to prepare the upcoming tour or learn the skills of making tents, life skills, and the team building organization ... these are essential and useful things for tour guide.

Not only includes experienced people, Pathfinder is also an indispensable destination for young men who are studying and enjoying the career of travel guides. Mr. Tran An, a last year student of Da Lat Tourism College, has practiced in some tourism companies but feels most interested in Phuc's model. Tran Anh added: "Not only improve practical knowledge and skills, no matter who comes here; they will be guided equally, so everyone can join. Here, I have learned the most suitable way to walk, stand - speak - travel presentations. ”

Although it has been operating for not so long time, Pathfinder Club - Da Lat Guide has brought practical effects for those who are passionate about tourist guides in Da Lat flower city. With the limitations of human resources in the tourism industry up to date, this club has contributed to improving the quality of service, improving professional qualifications for travel instructors - these are positive factors to attract tourists to Da Lat in the coming time.

.Gia Han
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