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Wow coffee - HotPot - Barbeque

There have been many times you feel stress due to work, study and need to find somewhere peaceful, with friends or alone to immerse in the poetic space, Wow Coffee - Hot Pot - Barbeque is the place which will help you dispel all sorrows, relax with beautiful coffee shops, take nice selfies, be spoiled for romantic.

Located in the center of Da Lat city, on the terrace of Da Lat market, standing from Hoa Binh area, taking a look at Da Lat market, you can see Wow Coffee is quite eye-catching, can be reached by going from Hoa Binh area through the bridge. It is located on the main street Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and is considered the "heart of the city"; visitors here can see not only the daily trading activities but also the attraction of visitors to Da Lat city.
Coming to Wow Coffee is like coming to a separate space, different from the noise in the market. The first impression for tourists when they entered the shop is the colorful painted stairs, colorful lanterns hanging from the entrance, the architecture of the shop was designed with space like open garden, with glass cladding for visitors sitting inside the shop, to see the outside, along the corridor there are decorative lovely egg-shaped swing chairs or pots trees, flower pots are decorated to create more green space for the restaurant. And yet, the main color tone here brings poetic purple from simple things like tables, chairs, parasols, signs to the campus, everything will be more wonderful when coming here in the evening, these are the purple led lights that highlight the rooftop of Da Lat market.

With not only a coffee bar, but also a hot pot restaurant area - barbeque with hot pot and grill dishes to serve more than 200 people, with parties, birthdays, small group parties, Wow Coffee - Hot Pot - Barbeque is like a dating place with special features, visitors come here to enjoy a cup of coffee or baked goods in the chilly climate and watch the buying activities bustling sale underneath the night market, this must be an interesting destination in a trip to Da Lat.

Wow Coffee – Hot Pot – Barbeque
Address: Da Lat market terrace
Phone: 0976. 35 39 79
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