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 Coming to Da Lat this season, not only do tourists immerse themselves in the brilliant pink color of the cherry blossoms flourishing fully in trees but they are also fascinated by the specialties of the cold land. Nothing is more interesting in the chilly weather of Da Lat than enjoy a glass of strawberry ice cream, while watching the brilliant city at night, this will be a very interesting experience for those who have stepped into the city of thousands of flowers.

Dalat - Lam Dong has for long been famous as a strawberry paradise for those who like to enjoy fresh and clean strawberries, and the fun of seeing with their own eyes and having an enjoyable feeling when picking and eating ripe strawberries in the garden is chosen by lots of people, and strawberries have become one of the special gifts to be purchased for one’s relatives. It’s the ripe, juicy red berries that have contributed to making the delicious ice cream in this misty land.

To make this famous strawberry ice cream today, ice cream makers must choose the ripe strawberries, really red and fresh, then mash and mix with the ingredients such as yoghurt, fresh milk, sugar, honey ... to get a cool strawberry ice cream with a sweet fragrance of natural strawberry.

Đà Lạt Strawberry Ice Cream has a special garnish around the cream by placing slices of fragrant, fresh strawberries combined with waffles and strawberry jam in order to create more taste for the glass of strawberry ice cream. However, enjoying a glass of strawberry ice cream in the ethereal space between the romantic fog covering all corners of the city at night with the typical cold weather of Da Lat in year end makes diners feel the numbness at their tongue tip, but this is the moment they really enjoy the sweetness of the milk, the light sour taste of strawberry blending into the cold weather of the mountain city and thus brings them a particular charm, quite different from other places you have ever experienced.

That’s why Da Lat’s strawberry ice cream is not only a familiar dish of the local people, but it also attracts many diners, regardless of social strata, or age barrier, anyone can enjoy this dish. For some tourists to the city of flowers, they have a habit to eat strawberry ice cream in the evening to try the cold feeling in the cold land by eating cold dishes. It is a feeling that tourists to the mountain city wish to try to experience the difference.
To enjoy this special feeling, go to some fruit ice cream shops on Nguyen Van Troi, Nguyen Chi Thanh, Phan Dinh Phung streets... of the city and try it.

Strawberry ice cream, a delicious dish that should not be missed for a wandering night in Dalat.

(By Ngọc Thạch)
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