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2/7/2018 4:22:00 PM

Homestay, French architecture within ’Miniature Paris’

The Homestay is meticulously built with the criteria to adhere to French architecture, in accordance with Đà Lạt space, which was once called “Miniature Paris" in Indochina. The homestay is named Magnolia, No. BL27, Yersin street, Ward 9, Đà Lạt City, Lâm Đồng Province.

Magnolia Homestay, a new villa, was put into use in mid-2017 with the exterior deeply bearing the French architectural style - an architectural style that is very suitable for Đà Lạt. The garden is full of colors, the interior of the villa is simple but delicate and comfortable. Since the beginning of construction, the owner has set strict criteria for the overall architecture, landscape and materials to be used appropriately.

It is the harmony between a simulated ancient architecture of the French traditional villas in the early twentieth century with the mountainous landscape of Da Lat. That’s why, although newly built and recently put into use Magnolia homestay is easily reveals the flair of nostalgia : privacy, luxury and harmony with the natural landscape. In honor of the "beauty" of the villa, its owner cleverly arranged a space to grow the flowers typical of the cold land of Dalat, that is, the species of exotic and domestic roses, the ivy vines climbing around the fence bloom all year round, creating a sense of closeness, lightness and a romantic space all year round bearing the scent of the flowers in the urban area. Magnolia villa is located on an area of nearly 400sqm, next to the National architectural monument - Da Lat Teachers’ Training College. From here, it takes you just over 5 minutes by motorbike, and you have already been at Hoa Binh Square, the center of Da Lat.

With 4 guestrooms, each room ranging in size from 20sqm to 35sqm, total capacity of 16 persons with full facilities by 4 - star standard, Magnolia homestay is the ideal choice for families and groups to Da Lat for relaxation. Not only the beautiful scenery, peaceful atmosphere, Magnolia is also the center of other tourist resorts. It is only 1km from Dalat Flower Park, Valley of Love, Dreaming Hill, Lake of Sighs, The Crazy House only about 3km ... so it is very convenient for moving to other tourist attractions. In addition, Magnolia has space for tourists to organize outdoor activities to enjoy the characteristic chilly cold of Dalat compared to that of other regions. There is also a kitchen with modern facilities for diners to make their own dishes for the whole family or groups.

Since its operation until now, Magnolia homestay has always received positive feedbacks from tourists, many of whom are foreigners. Most feedbacks through social network is commendable to Magnolia homestay to have a very beautiful architectural style, and enthusiastic and reputable host.

If you go to Đà Lạt, do stay at Magnolia to experience perfect excitement on your holiday.

Address: Magnolia homestay, No. BL27, Yersin street, Ward 9, Đà Lạt city, Lâm Đồng province.
Tel: 0949888909


Address: 02-04 Tran Quoc Toan - Da Lat, Lam Dong Province 
Tel: 02633 510 558  - Fax: 02633 811 656

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