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Tourism handbook


The city of flowers stays in the heart of tourists not only because of the cool, pleasant weather, beautiful and poetic scenes but also special dishes that attract customers whenever they come here. It will be lacking to visit Da Lat but ignore the smoking beef shank hot pot in the cool weather of the early summer days.

Referring to the hot pot dishes in Da Lat, it is impossible not to mention that the beef shank hotpot of Da Lat which has captured the sentiment of far-away customers as well as local diners. The beef shank hotpot restaurant is located at 12 Yersin, has an extremely open and clean space, and serves especially the typical delicious flavor that makes customers come here to be nostalgic forever. A serve of typical hotpot includes: the broth is made from beef bones, brings a sweet taste and very specific flavor; the cow part consists of: beef shank, beef and cheese meat balls, beef tendon. In which beef and cheese meat ball is probably the most favorite by the combination of unique flavors of cheese inside the meat, aromatic fat when mixed with beef hotpot; Sauce is bean paste with special taste of peanut; Normal beef hotpot will be served with noodles or vermicelli. But here comes with homemade noodles which is glassy, chewy and delicious, it makes customers to stay nonstop eating.

In chilling Da Lat weather, enjoying a super delicious beef shank hotpot is the best choice. This is definitely the place to be on the list of dishes to eat in Da Lat.
Address: 12 Yersin, Da Lat
Call: 0263 3822 266


The city of thousands flowers does not disappoint those who have fallen in love with it. Not only with the thousands of blooming flowers, Da Lat also attracts visitors with unique cafes, beautiful fairy-like sceneries. And one of them must be Horizon Coffee - a brand new cafe that is surrounded by the mountains and forest, the paradise of cafe and the sky.

Located on 3/4 Street, Da Lat City, Horizone Coffee is hidden among a vast pine forest on a high hill, visitors can come here to watch the whole cloudy sky every early morning or in harmony with the picture of forest in the sunset. The highlight of that shop is the unique shape of colorful pillars, designed with sophisticated motifs, creating a classic charm. In addition, there are unique rattan chairs with a bird nest-like design, providing a cozy and close feeling to visitors but also very artistic. Every small corner inside the shop is decorated in an elaborate, meticulous manner, making the place delicate and luxurious, making visitors admire right from the first sight. In particular, the balcony area is a favorite place at Horizon Coffee, just leaning on a chair, sipping some hot coffee that is giving off scent, inhaling the pure air watching the cloudy sky far away. At night, when the electric light was lit all over the lobby, it was a bright sky that made the bar space suddenly become fanciful and sparkling strangely, just looking briefly behind the pine trees we can feel like a palace appears in the forest. That's enough for a quiet day.

Horizone is really a place to stop and enjoy with thousands of clouds, admire every wonderful moment of nature, heaven and earth and enjoy relaxing moments without the dust of life.

Address: 31/6 3/4 street, Da Lat
Call: 1900 633461

Da Lat has always been a place where people want to visit when they are troubled and entangled with obstacles, a place to stop for travelers who want to rest and find peace with life.

The K’RIN Villa is located in Golf Valley, Da Lat city, only about 5 minutes travelling from Da Lat market. The villa was designed with modern style and is a unique combination of wood and brick walls with an extremely open space. The villa consists of 19 rooms (accommodating up to 50 people) with the main tone of gray and white, each room is beautifully decorated with a harmonious combination with wooden furniture to give visitors the cozy feeling without lessening its luxurious. In front of the villa, guests can sip a hot, delicious coffee to enjoy the fresh space watching the beautiful roses in front of the door. Outside the hotel is a large park and a tennis court which is very airy so visitors to walk and enjoy the cool air of the mountain town. In addition, The K’RIN Villa also has a large yard for visitors to celebrate BBQ party with family. Moreover, The K’RIN Villa is also a convenient place for visitors to visit, shop, or explore the night market as well as walking at Xuan Huong Lake with cool and windy every evening.

If you have fallen in love with Da Lat, want to immerse yourself in the romantic charm, poetic Da Lat, please visit The K’Rin villa. It promises to be an interesting destination for this summer.

Address: Block B48 - Golf Valley
Call: 097 221 81 82
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