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Vườn Yên Coffee – Japanese Beauty miniature in Da Lat

Da Lat is a city of love with thousands of brilliant flowers. Nature and people here do not know how many times they have gone into poetry, literature and even the heart of every guest who has ever visited the city. People say, when come to Da Lat, you have to find a certain café, find yourself a small corner, try some drinks that are high in the plateau and look silently at the misty mountain town. If you visit Da Lat, you probably won't be able to stop by Vườn Yên, a poetic place of Japanese beauty that is nowhere to be found.

Located in alley 6, Mai Anh Street, Ward 6, Da Lat city, just right in the city center, on the road to the Domain church, Vườn Yên is a small garden located next to a slope from which you can look down and watch the dazzling arches or the city lighting up. The warm space is decorated quite subtly. Whether the seat in the garden or in the wooden house, you will have very different experiences, where you get lost in the space of the dreamy sakura country.

When first arrive here, the first impression you experience will be a blue sign with Japanese letters, small rustic wooden tables and chairs, carp lanterns fluttering by the wooden trees in the porch, the front door is a curtain of cloth flying in the wind, every flower bed is swaying outside the garden, everything is subtle with the sound of Japanese miniature. While choosing a nice corner, launching your eyes to see the style of the interior decoration of the cafe, a feeling of rustic and nostalgic will come, so that you can immerse yourselves in the fragile reminiscences.

The owner here also cleverly arranges quite unique areas, with a vintage café set up in a corner, attracting tourists not only a space with a harmonious mix of ancient and rustic styles, but also by delicious homemade teas that are both healthy and tasty of Cau Dat coffee flavor. Not only that, a small wooden house with painted walls, the interior is designed with vintage style, and also displays many antiques such as radio, typewriter, oil lamp, television, kitchen shelves or books placed on wooden tables and chairs with color of time... Everything has an ancient, idyllic but equally poetic character that makes Vườn Yên a place to stop for guests who love ancient beauty.

A special feature of this place is the garden, in that small space, there is the flower-covered courtyard, there is an open space overlooking the hills, a roof, a Modern Japanese barista counter and a mini nursery ... So, you should go to Vườn Yên to sit and sip a fragrant coffee of highland or sip some hot tea for your soul, and so on let your eyes embrace the colors of poetic place in the foggy mountain town.

Vườn Yên Cafe
Alley 6, Mai Anh Street, Ward 6, Da Lat city
Call: 077 666 6909

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