Tourist handbook

The beauty of Da Lat has sealed in tourists’ hearts with its romance, calmness and significant clear blue sky and cold fresh air. Such natural beauty has become the muse for so many attractions in the city.

  • Opening gate to agricultural tourism

    This season in Da Lat, the spring girl is staying on a mountain town. Here, aside from winding road with no traffic light, beyond the flower seasons make you choke in nostalgia...
  • Golden Valley - a destination in the middle of a highland

    Currently, tourists who love ecotourism often look for the attractions associated with trees, hills, mountains, lakes, waterfalls ... and, Golden Valley (Lac Duong district) has become an attractive “destination” among ..
  • Da Lat – Heaven of food

    For so long Da Lat has been known with many beautiful names like Da Lat thousand of flowers, Da Lat the city of pine hills, Da Lat the mist town ... besides, there are many specials food which you can only find in Da ..
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