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Investment promotion conference held

 More than 200 foreign firms attended a conference to promote investment in Viet Nam in London on July 4.


Vietnamese Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung

The event was chaired by Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung.


Addressing the event, UK Ambassador to Viet Nam Gareth Ward said that in the first seven months of this year, the visits of Vietnamese Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha and Finance Minister Dung to the UK are good signals for the strong cooperation between the two countries in coming time.

Foreign investors at the event showed their interest in many sectors in Viet Nam, including the capital market, secondary market, insurance, climate change response, sustainable development and education.

CEO of Prudential Viet Nam Clive Baker said that Viet Nam is a promising market, noting that the insurance market in Viet Nam has expanded 25% per year, with abundant development spaces.

President of the Dragon Capital Viet Nam Dominic Scriven showed his optimism about Viet Nam’s indirect investment market and held that the financial market of Viet Nam is very attractive, adding that Viet Nam is on good track in developing the capital market.

Viet Nam is not a market for short-term investment, but for middle- and long-term investors, he stated.

Chairman of the State Securities Commission Tran Van Dung expressed his hope that after the event, the indirect investment from the UK in Viet Nam will rise, prompting the development of the domestic securities market.

Minister Dung said that the UK is an important partner of Viet Nam, while Viet Nam is also a major economic partner of the UK in Southeast Asia.

Viet Nam has seen strong economic growth and stable political situation, he said, adding that the country has reformed its economy, equitised State-owned enterprises and developed the securities market. He added that the Vietnamese Government has completed mechanisms and policies to promote the reform of the State-owned sector, thus ensuring an open and transparent market.

Speaking to Viet Nam News Agency’s correspondent in the UK, Minister Dung said that Viet Nam has great financial demand in all fields such as capital market development, securities market, insurance, infrastructure development, and State-owned enterprises restructuring.

The London financial market has maintained high growth with strong capacity of capital mobilisation, which is suitable to Viet Nam’s demand, he said.


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