10-31-2019, 9:21 GMT+7

RoK retains position as Vietnam’s leading source of FDI

 Among the 74 countries and territories investing in Vietnam, the Republic of Korea is the biggest foreign investor with a total investment of US$2,752.9 million during the first ten months of the year, accounting for 21.5 per cent of all newly-registered capital, according to the General Statistics Office.

Following the RoK, China is the second largest foreign investor in Vietnam with US$2,115.6 million, trailed by Singapore (US$1,839.8 million), the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China (US$1,639.1 million), and Japan (US$1,630.8 million).

From early this year to October 20, the country draw 3,094 newly-licensed projects capitalized at more than US$12,833 million, up 25.9 per cent in terms of the number of projects, and down 14.6 per cent in the registered capital against the same period last year.

Throughout the reviewed period, the newly-registered and additionally foreign capital suffered a drop of 15.2 per cent to US$18,302.4 million on-year while US$16.2 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI) was disbursed for the 10-month period, up 7.4 per cent.

Vietnamese businesses poured nearly US$311.9 million abroad in 128 newly-licensed projects during the reviewed period, bringing the country’s overseas investments, including newly- registered and additional capital, to US$411.9 million.

Most overseas investment focused on the wholesale, retail, automobile, and agro-forestry-aquatic sectors.

Among the 30 countries and territories that receive investment from the nation, Australia was the largest recipient with US$140.6 million, followed by the United States (US$61.5 million) and Spain (US$59.8 million).

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