11-6-2019, 9:52 GMT+7

Viet Nam intensifies global cultural promotion

Viet Nam welcomed more than 15 million foreign visitors last year, proving the fact that it has become a magnet for travellers worldwide. This is attributed to the government’s intensified efforts to promote its colorful and unique culture to a wider audience in recent years.

Arts and cultural exchange programs are being held regularly both in Viet Nam and abroad to better promote Vietnam and its culture to the world.

Early last month, the Vietnam National Academy of Music and the Viet Bac Folk Ensemble sent an art troupe to the Republic of Korea for a 12-day performing tour as part of activities to promote Vietnam’s culture and arts in East Asia, especially in Seoul and other South Korean cities.

Earlier, Viet Nam’s culture, landscape, tourism and cuisine were advertised through a “Vietnamese cultural space” event at the 84th Metz International Fair in France in late September.

"A stage was built for water puppet and cheo (traditional opera) performances while a Vietnamese film week was organised during the fair. Vietnam’s traditional art forms, including to he (toy figurine) making and Vietnamese calligraphy, were also introduced to the French people," said Nghiem Xuan Dong, Deputy Director of the Vietnamese Cultural Center in France.

A Vietnamese cultural event took place in the southern Czech city, Ceske Velenice, in late April, as a highlight of the ‘Vietnam Culture Month’ program. The program comprised a photo exhibition, performances of traditional music, a food festival and film screening event.

"I found this event very interesting. I love the Vietnamese people and their culture, especially their cuisine and traditional music. I expect more events like this in the future," Eva Slovova, a citizen of Ceske Velenice City, told VOV.

The Vietnamese cultural sector has also cooperated with Vietnamese embassies abroad to organize diverse cultural events worldwide.

Cities and provinces nationwide have also boosted efforts to promote Vietnamese cultural gems abroad. The US Cable News Network (CNN) has so far conducted more than 700 broadcasts promoting Hanoi.

Quang Binh has for the first time introduced its natural landscapes to Hollywood moviemakers. The province also joined the New York Times Travel Show in late January to present the world’s largest cave system Son Doong to international visitors.

"As part of efforts to boost Viet Nam’s tourism and attract more foreign visitors, we’ve launched key promotional programs in prioritized tourism markets such as the Republic of Korea (RoK) and Japan. More seminars on culture and tourism and cultural exchanges have also been organized," said Tran Nhat Hoang, Deputy Head of the International Cooperation Division under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

The RoK and Japan’s successful experiences in promoting their cultures to the world indicate that investing in promoting local culture helps boost the country’s soft power while raising its prestige worldwide.


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