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There are not only tea and coffee in Tram Hanh! ..

Not only famous for its high-class Arabica coffee and ancient tea fields, Tram Hanh, Da Lat, where the deltas between the plateau and the coastal plain of the South Central Coast now open a new tourist attraction, an European standard Wine Tunnel has just been inaugurated by Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company - Ladofoods.


This special wine tunnel is located on a peak within an area of over 5 hectares, designed and supervised by European architects. Based on the mountainous terrain, under the talented hands of architects, Dalat Wine Cellar gradually formed to simulate an elliptical leaf. This is also a symbol of Ladofoods' philosophy of wine growing and wine making, highlighting the message focused on making excellent bottles, good for health, environmentally friendly, and containing the sophistication of Dalat. Amidst the romantic beauty of the cold plateau, the wine cellar is a dash of elegance, sophistication and class captivating visitors.

The wine cellar is located deep underground, where hundreds of oak barrels and dozen thousands of premium bottles of wine are stored. The governing unit also reserved the first floor as a showroom for visitors to admire the Vietnamese wine masterpieces marked on the world wine map. Visiting this special wine tunnel, visitors cannot help enjoying high-class Dalat wine glasses. The second floor is designed with sediment space for people to experience the emotions, blending the wonderful taste of Dalat wine. Enjoying a glass of wine in the chill space will make everyone feel closer together. On the top is the rooftop, where the panoramic view of the factory space resides from above and overlooks the romantic garden. Ms. Pham Hong Hanh, Head of Ladofoods' Department of Communications and Public Relations, said that with the unique idea of building, Da Lat Wine Castle and Dalat Wine Cellar will surely bring to visitors impressive experience, unprecedented differences in the city of pine forests.

According to Mr. Ing. Martin Bukolsky, the main design of the wine cellar is one of the important standards of an European wine cellar to achieve constant temperature and humidity throughout the year without air conditioning. “We carefully calculated the survey as well as the design, from the location, terrain, depth and hatch as well as construction plans…. To achieve the European standard tunnel goal. With this project, we want to bring visitors to the cellar to experience a true European cellar in Vietnam, ”said Mr. Martin Bukolsky.

The ingredient grape area of Ladofoods is 25ha wide in Ninh Son district, Ninh Thuan province, which is applied the leading high-tech grape growing technology in Vietnam, automating all stages, bringing the best quality to produce perfect wine product lines. Ninh Thuan grapes are harvested, then transferred to Ladora Winery which located at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, with cool climate all year round, which is an important condition to help Ladofoods create premium and famous wine product lines in domestic and international market. Currently, each year, this business is providing about 4 million bottles of wine of all kinds, becoming the largest wine producer in Vietnam.

The newly opened European standard wine cellar has made a new impression for Ladofoods, at the same time, it is also a new and attractive destination for tourists to visit and admire Dalat.

BOX: In 2018, Ladofoods was officially recognized as a National Brand. With a diverse product portfolio, suitable for many fragments such as Dalat Wine, Chateau Dalat, Nouvo Sangria, Vivazz, Ladofoods is currently supplying more than 4 million bottles of wine per year. Chateau Dalat, one of Ladofoods' premium wines, has become an international standard wine brand favored by both domestic and foreign wine lovers with international awards, such as the 2016 Cathay Pacific International Silver Award, Bronze Award in the 2017 international wine competition in the US. Chateau Dalat is also the first Vietnamese wine brand to be displayed at the Vineum Bodensee World Wine Museum (Germany).

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