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Cacaoken Dalat - Experience poetic flavour of Mountainous city

Da Lat in the early autumn, rain and shine come and go suddenly. In the cold resonated by such sudden rain, it seems that the mountainous people live slowly to measure the pace of time or find themselves a space to experience the poems of life. Getting lost in the middle of autumn in this mountainous town, we accidentally came across a rather unique place, the Cacaoken Vietnam Factory in Da Lat.

Seeking to address 29 Hung Vuong, Ward 10, Da Lat, Cacaoken Factory appeared with a simple but cozy space. With the dominant red-white tone and the aroma of the high scent, even the drink-fastidious-visitors are ecstatic and intoxicating. Established in the end of April 2018, Cacaoken Da Lat Factory introduced and produced cocoa products based on modern and advanced technology of Japan. Coming to this place, visitors can witness the chocolate production process through each specific step. Taking us to visit the factory, Mr. Tran Phu Lam - Factory's Business Manager graciously guided and shared with customers the operations, processing of cocoa, chocolate production from pre-processing, fermenting to roasting and grinding ... In addition, this place also creates drinks from cocoa ingredients such as cocoa tea, cocoa wine...

The establishment of Cacaoken Vietnam Factory in Da Lat is not only a place specializing in producing cocoa products but also a tourist attraction, a top choice of visitors when coming to the city of thousand flowers, Da Lat. The owner of this facility is Japanese, so the arrangement and decoration of items as well as the design of space to enjoy cocoa also have its own unique features. Those are lovely, compact tables with a private-space characteristic that are suitable for enjoying products made from cocoa beans with a charming aroma. In the autumn weather, in the highland mountainous town, pure cocoa will make customers forget the typical cold of the land of flowers. For those who are addicted to chocolate, this will be an address should not to be missed. You can enjoy chocolates right at the factory, you can also buy boxes of sweet chocolates as gifts for relatives and friends.

If visitors are not satisfied with the processing and extraction of cocoa, the process of creating quality chocolate bars, the Cacaoken Da Lat Factory also has a space to display products made from cocoa. Coming to this space, you will be fascinated by the charming scent of cocoa fruit - a typical product grown right in Lam Dong's homeland.

Currently, chocolate products of Da Lat Cacaoken Factory have been presented in many places in the domestic market such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and exported to Japan. According to Mr. Lam, in the coming time, the factory will invest more in the experience space for making chocolate to serve domestic and foreign tourists when visiting the factory.

Not too fussy about the layout, space and experience that Cacaoken Da Lat brings to visitors is the warmth, enthusiasm, a style that is close but no less romantic. The establishment of the Cocoaken Vietnam Factory, a branch in Da Lat, not only contributed to create an important link in the purchasing, processing and output of cocoa products, but also added an addresses for chocolate lovers and at the same time contribute to diversifying the tourism map of Da Lat - Lam Dong, creating new choices and experiences for tourists when traveling and relaxing in thousands of flowers Da Lat city.

Address: 29 Hung Vuong, Ward 10, Da Lat city.

. Thanh Nam

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