There is no yellow hackberry tree... vague and deep nostalgia.

"There is no yellow hackberry tree, no red-leaved mangrove tree, no black board flower season with fragrance in breeze" like in Hanoi capital but who has once come to Da Lat when the autumn hits the sweet lane,

  • There are not only tea and coffee in Tram Hanh! ..

    Not only famous for its high-class Arabica coffee and ancient tea fields, Tram Hanh, Da Lat, where the deltas between the plateau and the coastal plain of the South Central Coast now open a new tourist attraction, an ..
  • Cacaoken Dalat - Experience poetic flavour of Mountainous city

    Da Lat in the early autumn, rain and shine come and go suddenly. In the cold resonated by such sudden rain, it seems that the mountainous people live slowly to measure the pace of time or find themselves a space to ..
  • Journey of rice grain of K'Ho Sre people

    Unknowingly, the ancestors of the K’Ho Sre lived by growing upland rice and wet rice. But perhaps, the meaning of the word "Sre" is "field", the K'Ho Sre call themselves cau K'Ho Sre - the ..
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