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There is no yellow hackberry tree... vague and deep nostalgia.

"There is no yellow hackberry tree, no red-leaved mangrove tree, no black board flower season with fragrance in breeze" like in Hanoi capital but who has once come to Da Lat when the autumn hits the sweet lane, perhaps this land will raise people's emotions and feelings. This season in mountain town, the sunshine and the rain kept fluttering and stiff like the mountainous girl had just entered puberty, but leaving behind those irregularities, the fall of Da Lat makes the travelers flustered and awakes their memory.

It is said that in a day the mountain town of Da Lat will have four seasons: morning - spring, lunch - summer, afternoon - autumn and evening is winter. It is the feeling of the passing season in a day. However, in a year, the season of the mountain town is named by the season of the flowers and the very own feelings of the soul. Cherry signals spring, purple phoenix calls summer, autumn is created by the sudden rain and shine which make visitors to clasp their hands in emotion. Although not as melodious and attractive as the purple phoenix, but in autumn, Da Lat seems to be eagerly waiting for a yellow of wild sun flowers - the brand of this highland mountain town. Not really bustling but at the end of autumn, Da Lat is also urging to invite the yellow petals to bloom. Walking around the mountain town, kneeling in the hills and valleys, on the craggy hillsides has become a feature of Da Lat heaven and earth.

The fall of Da Lat in the notion of indigenous and remote travelers seems a bit indeterminate. It could be the days of sudden sunshine after days of constant torrential rain. In the sunshine, Da Lat is so beautiful; it is a layer of misty fog rolling on the surface of Xuan Huong Lake creating magical scenery in the early morning. The chilling characteristic of Da Lat in autumn makes visitors go from this surprise to that poet. Embracing the pristine bit of an early morning space, you seem to have been treated with sincerity and very gently by the nature of this land. Xuan Huong lake is clear, the light breeze makes rippling lake surface, far away is the craggy hill, wandering around, Da Lat is surrounded by pine forests creating a pleasant feeling of relaxation by the friendly environment of the land with the brand "the city in forest, the forest in city".

Falling into the space of autumn in Da Lat are ancient villas with unique architectural features of a Western style among the mountains. The serenity, through sunshine and rain, does not lose the inherent beauty of the ancient architectural works in the heart of Da Lat. The villas are bathed with fog, sunshine and the gentle breeze that made Da Lat very autumn but also imprinted with the weather of the Central Highlands.

Each season in Da Lat wears a color, bares a flavor but the beauty and flavor of autumn is probably the most attractive. Things seem new but very familiar create an attraction that makes anyone who travels far away will miss Da Lat and in the fall, want to return to this flowers and mountainous city.

.Gia Han 
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