9-27-2019, 8:33 GMT+7

Di Linh Macadamia travels to Korea

Mr. Le Van Truong, Chairman of Di Linh Macadamia Cooperative (Dinh Lac commune, Di Linh district), excited: “We have just exported 2 tons of macadamia seeds product to Korean market. Although the number of macadamia going to Korea is small, it is a very good sign”.

According to Mr. Truong, for quite a long time, macadamia nuts have no consumption places. If we find a place to sale them, we are also injured by traders, so the price of macadamia is usually very cheap. Meanwhile, through the press and the internet, Mr. Truong knows macadamia is a high-class food, very good for health; the price is also quite expensive. “Macadamia is expensive because we don't have a processing business. We still mainly import macadamia from overseas, so the price is high”, Mr. Truong said.

With 4 hectares of macadamia planted since 2012, Mr. Truong started to explore the market, invest in machinery and equipment, and learn how to process macadamia. In 2018, Mr. Truong stood out to establish Di Linh Macadamia Cooperative, including 33 members. Each year, Mr. Truong purchases 70-80 tons of macadamia from members of the Cooperative and about 80 tons from other growers in Duc Trong, Bao Loc, and Bao Lam ... for processing, packaging and transporting to consumers. Macadamia products of Di Linh Macadamia Cooperative have been presented in Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa), Da Nang, South Korea and some markets in Lam Dong: Da Lat, Di Linh, Bao Loc and Duc Trong. Mr. Truong shared: “The Korean side highly values macadamia products originating from Vietnam. According to them, Vietnam macadamia has double essential oil content compared to macadamia grown in China and Australia. Besides, the nutrient content of macadamia in Vietnam is also much higher than macadamia elsewhere. ”.

According to Mr. Truong, in 1 year, macadamia is harvested 2-3 crops. The average yield is about 50 kg / tree. For a proper seedlings and proper cultivating method, the economic value of macadamia trees brings about 3 times higher than coffee. According to Mr. K'Sau, Vice Chairman of Farmers Association Dinh Lac, macadamia is a forest tree, so the resistance to pests and diseases is high. Macadamia grow well, easy to care, low investment costs, very suitable for planting on other plantations. Macadamia planted in the area of Dinh Lac commune has big fruits and seeds. “A macadamia tree can yield 40-50 kg nuts. In the harvest time, people just pick the fruits and then sell them to processing facilities”, said Mr. K' Sau. Ms. Dang Thi Hang, an expert in Di Linh District's Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, added: “Through monitoring and evaluation, Di Linh district is a locality with quite suitable natural conditions for macadamia trees to grow and develop. Currently, there are about 860 ha of macadamia in Di Linh district in which 110 ha are in business stage. The yield of macadamia in Di Linh district is 1.2 tons / ha.

Mr. Truong estimates that in the next 3-4 years, the production of macadamia raw materials in Lam Dong province will be very large. Therefore, Mr. Truong has strengthened trade promotion with Korea and Australia to boost export markets; at the same time, upgraded the macadamia processing system to meet the large scale production in the future. In the coming time, Mr. Truong is completing the steps of legal procedures to provide 2 new products: macadamia oil and avocado oil. “After being licensed, we will produce macadamia oil and avocado oil to serve the export market and domestic consumption, along with dried macadamia nuts and dried macadamia kernel. Currently, dried macadamia is priced at VND 240,000 - 260,000”, Mr. Truong said.

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