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Paper flowers: Just look at them and ...Fall in love

The lovely face, agile, and dare-made characteristic are the impressions that we feel when meeting the Secretary of the Quarter 3, Ward 6, Da Lat City, Ho Thi Minh Hanh. Not only pioneering in the union activities, Hanh is also known as a one who has made paper flowers more attractive and seductive with the brand Na flower.

If clay flowers were in love with this Da Lat women since a long time ago, paper flowers was a fairly new product but with many advantages. Coming to paper-making career as an interesting excuse but the leader of ward 6, Da Lat city was interested in her chosen career. In a "wandering" on social networks, Hanh was really conquered and fascinated by the flowers made from colorful and assorted paper. As a person living in a land of flowers, with her existing passion, Hanh has created an elegant and unique paper flower product.

If are not introduced beforehand, just few people know that the red, purple roses, hydrangeas petals, other glasses are made of paper. With all the natural colors, Minh Hanh paper flower products are made up of materials such as petal paper, newspaper, flower wrapping paper, milk glue, wax glue, zinc metal, sponge and even used mineral water bottles. With passion, meticulousness and hard work, Ms. Minh Hanh cleverly transformed inanimate materials into colorful and lively flowers.

On the outside, it seems simple but to create paper flowers of all colors, it requires many stages: cutting, pasting, wrapping flowers and branches ... Hidden inside the bouquets made from paper with aesthetic value, it also contains a beautiful soul of a woman. Ms. Minh Hanh said: depending on the size and elaborate of each flower, she invested the appropriate time. For single flower, Hanh takes an average of 10 minutes to form a finished product. If customer orders a vase, a pot or a flower basket, Minh Hanh takes 4 to 5 hours or the whole day to complete the product.

The appearance of paper flowers at first didn’t attract many people but with the advantages such as durable, beautiful and easy to preserve, gradually this product has won the trust and become the trend of choice for many customers. . Market of paper flower products branded Na flower is mainly in Da Lat city. In holidays, especially on International Women's Day, Vietnamese Women's Day, Vietnam Teachers' Day, paper flowers are bought and ordered by many people. With such startup orientation, on average, Minh Hanh earns an extra income of VND 3 million each month from paper flowers.

Although paper flowers have been introduced for not so long, this product is well received by consumers, especially the youth. With its advantages and creativity, it is expected that the Na Flower paper flowers brand will contribute to enriching the Da Lat flower market, which is also a new channel of choice for future consumers.

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