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Thuy Thuan Dalat Tourist Area

 Do you want to leave the busy city to come to a peaceful place, where there are rolling hills, small streams winding around gardens of fruit trees and flower gardens of all kinds? Just come back Ta Nung - Da Lat City and head to Thuy Thuan Da Lat tourist resort, visitors will have unforgettable experiences during a trip in Da Lat.

If you mention Ta Nung –Da Lat city, visitors will immediately think of Me Linh coffee - a café with beautiful scenery, large and colorful flower gardens, now there is another Thuy Thuan coffee shop with beautiful scenery which is located at group 13, village 1, Ta Nung commune, Da Lat city. When you finish the Ta Nung pass, follow the direction of Ta Nung church, there will be a sign showing the way to the tourist area. This is originally a coffee factory area of Thuy Thuan Import & Export Co., Ltd. with area of nearly 4 hectares and the base terrain is located on the hill, the bottom is the valley with streams, surrounded by small hills ... Capturing that beauty, the owner has built a new tourism site associated with the brand of locally produced coffee in order to create a new destination to attract cross-tourists when coming to this Ta Nung area.

When entering here, the first thing which impresses visitors is the combination of machinery and equipment used for processing, roasting and canning coffee. Here, visitors can explore the coffee production process, from the raw to the finished product. After visiting, visitors can enjoy the pure and quality coffee here, which is exported and used in many large coffee companies in domestic and abroad market. And yet, the space is really eye-catching with a modern style design, the bar area is designed with glass walls, the inside is neatly arranged with coffee and cocoa products display bags. Green coffee is neatly placed around a "new year tree" in the center of the bar.

The garden is the place for visitors to explore with separate works such as the garden with bonsai pots of all kinds, orchards, artificial falls flowing into the lake, wooden pillars shaped the large yellow hopper is really eye-catching, the stone road is flooded with sophisticated triangular roofs full of lanterns of all kinds, "moon watching tower" for sitting and watching the hills for cross tourists. The buildings here really impress the most discerning travelers.

Nothing is better than coming here to immerse yourself in the quiet and pure nature, not only take beautiful photos but also visit the factory, experience and observe the process of roasting coffee, that must be definitely an interesting echo in your trip in Da Lat.

Thuy Thuan Da Lat Tourist
Location: group 13, village 1, Ta Nung commune, Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.
Hotline: 0974 553 768.

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